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Personal finance manager Moneydance® offers a feature to import transaction files, such as from Quicken™. Using third-party background applications to download transaction files on a regular basis I felt that Moneydance® lacks an overview of which files still have to be imported, which, in turn, forces the user to constantly check on the file system.

As a result, this extension monitors a given base directory and displays all of its transaction files in a sortable list inside the homepage view along with two corresponding buttons to import and to delete each transaction file.


Screenshot 1

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The latest signed version of Import List is available on the official extensions repository:
 Download Import List


  1. Add the extension to Moneydance® by choosing Add… or Manage Extensions… from the Extensions menu (depending on which version of Moneydance® you use).
  2. In order to display Import List in Moneydance®’s homepage view, open the Preferences window and click on the Home Page tab. The available items should contain an entry named Import List. Add it to the left or right column of your homepage view.
  3. You will be asked to choose a base directory where your transaction files reside. You can always change that one later.

Data Tracking

The Import List extension connects to Google Analytics in order to track statistical data on its usage. These data include

For more information about Google Analytics’ privacy and security, visit the Google Analytics Privacy Overview. Import List does not submit any financial information.


Please submit bugs, issues, and feature suggestions on GitHub’s issue tracker or send them to

At the moment I could use some help with the localization for French (France) and Spanish (Spain). If you have some additions to make, please contact me.